Maggie Moo: February 8, 2007 – May 12, 2018

Today we said goodbye to our sweet Maggie Moo. We were so blessed to have Maggie’s mom (black lab) and dad (yellow lab) as our pets when they gave us a litter of 6 pups (one chocolate, Maggie, and the rest yellow). Three pups were born on February 8, 2007 and 3 pups were born on February 9, 2007. Maggie was the first born. We lived in Bryan, TX.


1b 2007She was always a little princess and expect to be treated like royalty, which we did.

1c 2007

Maggie’s first bath. This is probably one of my most favorite pictures of our Maggie Moo.


Maggie loved playing in the water and going swimming.

2008 – Hunter (dad), Maggie, Haley (mom) Shortly after this picture was taken, Haley went to live with our friends, the Head’s, where she was promoted to QUEEN.


6 20102010 – We moved to Temple, TX. This is where a certain orange cat (Hashbrown) moved in with us. You can see the excitement on Hunter and Maggie’s faces. LOL

7 20112011 – She was such a happy girl!

2012 – We moved to San Antonio, TX.

10 20132013 – At the end of this year, we had to have her dad put down. This picture proves how quickly she rose to being QUEEN in our home.

11 20142014 – How can you say ‘no’ to that face? ❤

12 2015
2015 – A new family member arrives on the scene. Maggie always seemed to have a look of disgust for ‘little dogs’ but she tolerated them.

13 2015 2015 continued it’s adventures as we moved to Maryland. Maggie loved living in Maryland. We always had deer in the backyard that she needed to chase away.

15 20162016 – We survived the Blizzard of 2016 in Maryland.
16 2016
2016 – Maggie LOVED playing in the snow!

18 2017 birthday2017 – Maggie on her 10th birthday.

19 2017  2017 – We moved to Lake Jackson, TX where Maggie got to experience the beach. She LOVED the water, the birds and hanging out with her people.

20 2017

21 2018
2018 – Maggie loved her bed, as long as one of the little animals weren’t on it. She was happy on her bed as long as she could see her people.

One fun memory I have of Maggie is when she was sleeping. She was always running and barking at something. Her legs would twitch and she would wake herself up barking. It was so funny!

22 2018
This picture was taken Saturday, May 12, 2018 before her appointment at the vet. Even in her misery, she was a beautiful, kind and faithful dog.

Maggie was always good with the kids. She loved having us all together. She didn’t mind all the moves. She was just happy to go on trips and be with her people. She loved to GO! After Hunter died, Maggie really attached herself to me (Shelly). She would follow me around the house like little dogs do. It was sweet. I love how faithful she was.

Maggie was very sweet and calm like her dad, but stubborn like her mom. She loved everybody, but she did expect you to pet her. When the boys would move out then come home for a visit, she was always excited to see them. We could go months without seeing my parents and Miss Kelly, but when we would see them again, Maggie remembered them and was happy to see them.

Today, we all have a huge hole in our hearts. We will are gonna miss that sweet girl so much. I love you, Maggie Moo. Forever and always.


To read more about Hunter and see more pictures of Maggie Moo, click here.





Divine Appointment

God continues to amaze me! This morning, I received a text from a doctor in Cleveland that I have only spoken with on the phone twice before today. I had contacted him for a second opinion concerning a tracheal resection surgery for Kenzie versus a newer, less invasive surgery. He was speaking at a symposium today and offered for us to come meet him for a short visit. Todd and I drove Kenzie to Baltimore to meet up with the Cleveland doctor and her Baltimore doctor. As God would have it, airway experts from all of the world gathered today, under the direction of our Baltimore doctor, to discuss airway treatment options. I think it is incredible that we got to talk to these doctors, as soon as their meetings finished, while all of this information was fresh on their minds. Meeting with two of the top airway professionals in the country, on their time….. Divine appointment. God is good!

Cleveland doc explained that the less invasive procedures, Reacher and Madden, are very new and are currently being performed on patients who have a small area of stenosis. They have not yet been performed on someone with a large amount of stenosis, like Kenzie (3 1/2cm). So, these procedures are not an option for Kenzie. However, in 5-10 years, these will probably be the standard treatment. She can’t wait that long. Out of all of the options that were discussed at their meeting today, both doctors felt like a resection was the best option for Kenzie for long term results for breathing. Confirmation of necessary treatment. God is good!

We were able to give Cleveland doc a little bit of Kenzie’s history, including that we just moved here from Texas. He shared that he wasn’t surprised that we had limited airway care in Texas. The doctors in the East seem to be the ones who are taking the lead on growing the advancement of airway treatment options. So, God moved us to Maryland, and through a group on Facebook, I got in contact with the Cleveland doc who referred me to the Baltimore doc (because this was his friend and Baltimore was closer to me than Cleveland – 45 min vs 6 hours). God knew what we needed and when, so He moved us to Maryland to be near expert airway docs. God is good!

Cleveland doc confirmed what Baltimore doc had already told us, that Kenzie’s voice pitch will go down some after the resection. However, he also addressed the fact that she will no longer have voice control, meaning she will not be able to sing. While this was hard to hear and to accept (because she loves to sing), breathing is our number 1 priority. We also know that God is bigger than the doctor’s prediction and He can protect and heal Kenzie’s voice control. No matter the outcome, we will praise Him. God is good!

Cleveland doc feels like Kenzie will get the resection, heal, and go on about her life. He said it will soon be just a memory that she had breathing problems as a teen, but had surgery and is fine now. Baltimore doc agreed. Very comforting to hear this. God is good!

Things I am pondering: How many doctors are willing to consult with you over the phone, without ever seeing you in their office? Much less, offer to meet with you in person, at a conference, on his own time!? The Cleveland doc that I’ve consulted with by phone is coming to a conference in Baltimore that Kenzie’s doc is putting on, two weeks before Kenzie’s scheduled surgery…and we get to meet with him!? Who but God can put you in touch with two doctors (through a Facebook group), who are experts in their field, then sit down at a table in a library to discuss your daughter’s situation? My earthly mind can not comprehend these events. God is good!

Last Wednesday, a friend of mine reminded me of this song. I downloaded it on my phone and have listened to it several times every day since. The words are constantly rolling around in my head. It has become my heart’s anthem. We have hoped and prayed for 2 years that Kenzie could avoid having this big surgery, but it is very clear to us that she needs it. With every step we take, every risk that we weigh, every outcome that we hope for, we will trust in God. He may not give us the answers/results that we want, but we trust that He knows what’s best for her. We know that He loves Kenzie and has a very special plan for her life! She is truly a miracle!


Trust in You

Letting go of every single dream
I lay each one down at Your feet
Every moment of my wandering
Never changes what You see

I’ve tried to win this war I confess
My hands are weary I need Your rest
Mighty Warrior, King of the fight
No matter what I face, You’re by my side

When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!

Truth is, You know what tomorrow brings
There’s not a day ahead You have not seen
So, in all things be my life and breath
I want what You want Lord and nothing less

When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!

You are my strength and comfort
You are my steady hand
You are my firm foundation; the rock on which I stand

Your ways are always higher
Your plans are always good
There’s not a place where I’ll go, You’ve not already stood

When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!

I will trust in You!

Lauren Daigle

I really am not trying to be a “creeper,” but I just had to snap a pic of these two docs so that I could remember this day.

Cleveland (left)/Baltimore (right)
DrLorenz and DrHillel 02222016

God is Good!

One Word

I’ve been thinking and praying about what my ‘One Word’ would be for 2016. As I read this book today, God revealed my word to me. I’ve never focused on one word for a year before, but it’s my goal to do it this year. 

For 2016, my word is HEALTHY. I want to purpose to be more Healthy in all aspects of my life: spiritually, physically, mentally, relationally, emotionally, and financially. i look forward to all God has for me this year as I focus to be more Healthy! 


2015 Year End Review

Sadly, I have not posted in a year. As my kids have gotten older, I have less to blog about. But, I still love to keep this little “journal” for myself.

04.15.2015 Kenzie got her license
Since Kenzie got very ill in 2013, she spent 2014 recovering and trying to regain her strength. Her illness delayed her driver’s ed completion. In April 2015, Kenzie took her driving test and PASSED! I now have 3 licensed drivers.

IMG_5667Fifteen days after getting her driver’s license, Kenzie turned 17.

IMG_5618.JPGAlso, this little fella joined our family in April. His name is Batman and he chose Kenzie to be his “person.”





IMG_5726We were blessed to have my parents, Jim and Elaine Taylor, our lifelong friend, Kelly Scruggs (who manages to stay behind the camera), and our precious friends, Don and Donna Patton join us to celebrate Briley’s graduation from high school. Big brother, Blaine, also came home for the celebration. We are so proud of Briley and pray many blessings on his future endeavors.

IMG_5745I feel so blessed to have had all three of my chicks in the nest for Mother’s Day.

IMG_5793A week after Mother’s Day, Blaine left to work his 2nd summer at Frontier Camp.

IMG_5837The next week, Briley left to work his 2nd summer at Frontier Camp.

IMG_5833He has always had a style all his own. 🙂

As the school year was winding down, we began to see God at work to move us. We were very surprised when He asked us to step out of our (my) comfort zone (aka, BFF radius), and move to Maryland. So, June found us saying goodbye to some great friends and moving to the East Coast, all while our boys are at camp.

IMG_6165The boys were very thoughtful and made a trip back to San Antonio to see us before we moved. This was also Father’s Day weekend.

After 21 months, Kenzie got her braces removed! (Top pics: Sept. 19, 2013 – Bottom pics: June 16, 2015)

IMG_6135And, true to her faithful nature, my BFF made one last trip to SA to visit before we moved. I love you, Kelly!!!!!

As June was winding down, it was time to bid our “see you later’s.”
I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with these wonderful ladies! I was hand-picked by the high school principal to work as the Registrar in the Guidance Office. I was so excited about this job but I was worried if the ladies would resent being chosen by the principal without the Guidance Counselor interviewing me first. Little did we all know the bond that God would create within us. I love these ladies so much! My Registrar days are some of my very favorite because of these ladies! Thank you for accepting me into the SACS family.

IMG_6147I do not have words to express how much these two mean to our family. Don and Donna Patton have such a special place in our hearts. We are all Sooners and will be friends forever! We love you!!!

Traveling Days
Day 1: Texas to Arkansas (June 28, 2015)

Day 2Day 2: Arkansas to Tennessee (June 29, 2015)

IMG_6425Day 3: Tennessee to Washington, D.C. (June 30, 2015)
We are thankful that our animals were such good travelers. They are happy as long as they are with us. Well, the cat didn’t appreciate being trapped up, but he survived.

IMG_6443Moving in day: Silver Spring, MD (July 1, 2015)

Everything about this move was just amazing. I will admit, I was very apprehensive about moving so far away from family and friends. But, with every one of my, “But what about….,” God moved and worked things out far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. God is so good and cares about all of my “but what about….”s.

IMG_3234I love working in the school environment, but since my husband is the Head of School, I can not work at Forcey Christian School. However, God did provide me with a job at Forcey Bible Church as the Student Ministries Assistant. A type of job that I have done before, with flexible hours, and I am in the same building as my husband. Again, God is so good!

IMG_0116Kenzie’s last first day of school. She will finish out her senior year homeschooling. She also is working at Forcey Christian as a lunch aide. She LOVES working with “her children.”

IMG_2841Todd’s first day of school as Head of School at Forcey Christian School

IMG_0441.JPGI love these three!!!!

IMG_0440In San Antonio, we lived just 10 minutes from Chuy’s. We were very spoiled. Now, we are 45 minutes away from the closest Chuy’s. We made the drive for my birthday. It was totally worth it.

After 25 months, Briley got his braces removed!!! (Top pics: Sept. 19, 2013 – Bottom pics: Oct. 30, 2015)

November brought us a visit from Kelly!!! We were all super excited to have her with us! Over the 8 days that she was here, we did a lot of exploring: Downtown Silver Spring, Arlington Cemetery, Hershey, Gettysburg, Georgetown, Potomac Mills Mall, DC and National Harbor.

Found some good BBQ!

With our personal photographer in town, we were also able to squeeze in Kenzie’s senior pictures and our annual family pictures.


So very Thankful for my family and for all of God’s blessings!

IMG_1549On December 2, we celebrated 19 years of The Briley Landers Experience!

IMG_1702December 15 – Dilation #8

IMG_1845On December 22, we celebrated Blaine’s 21st birthday!

IMG_1608I just love this picture. Hashbrown did NOT appreciate our Christmas decorations taking up space in HIS window. LOL

Christmas 2015:

Side note: we spend 9 years in Texas with warm Christmas’. When we moved to Maryland, we just KNEW we’d have a cold Christmas. Nope! It was colder in Oklahoma on Christmas than in Maryland. How did that happen?!

These moments warm my heart so much!

The last big thing that has happened in our family this year was when Briley decided it was time to move back to Texas. He left on December 29. My momma’s heart is so sad and misses him so much! It is hard on me having my 19 year old live 1,441 miles away. But, I know he is ready to try his wings and that he is strong enough to be successful. I am grateful that he is surrounded by lots and lots of good friends! Find your wings, Buddy, and I’ll cheer as you fly!

2015 brought us some pretty big, unexpected changes. I never ever imagined that I would be living on the east coast, however, I am so grateful to be here during this time of our lives. We are close to so many good doctors that Kenzie needs to see right now. Isn’t that cool?! Plus, we have already made some really great friends. We love our jobs and our church. I am singing in choir and praise team again, which I love. Even when God brings changes that aren’t part of “my” plan, I know that His ways are best and I put my faith and trust in Him. God is good!

We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2016!!!


P.S. As always, Family and Friends are always welcome to come see us! You have a free place to stay and there are lots of things to do for free up here!!!!

Merry Christmas from the Landers!

Christmas Card 2014 FINAL

Thanksgiving 2014

Todd and I were both off all week and it was wonderful! We really enjoyed spending time with our kids, cleaning and decorating the apartment for Christmas, playing games as a family, cooking Thanksgiving food and watching Christmas movies. We are so grateful that Blaine was able to come home and be with us for a few days. I LOVE having all my chicks in the nest!

Now, we are at the end of the weekend which means we are at the end of our Thanksgiving break. The bright side is that we only have three weeks of school until we are off for two weeks! We plan to go to Oklahoma for a the first week, then relax at home the second week (while Briley works).

We haven’t been to Oklahoma as a family since May 2013. Briley, Kenzie and I took Blaine to Oklahoma in July 2013 for college, so that is the last time I have been on Oklahoma soil. I love my home state and am ready to see the flat lands (and enjoy a few allergy-free days).

November is Diabetes Awareness month. Our family has learned so much about diabetes since October 2013 which has added items to our thankful list. We are so thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, giving His life so that I might live. We are thankful for our family and friends. We are thankful for our freedom, homeschooling and God’s daily guidance. We are thankful that our son’s have jobs and that they are learning how to stand for Christ in the world. In addition to all of Kenzie’s wonderful doctors and nurses, we are thankful for all of the diabetic supplies that help us monitor Kenzie’s blood glucose and keep her alive (and for our insurance plan).

We are truly blessed. God is so good!


First Visit to the Endocrinoligst Office

Today Kenzie had an appointment with her endocrinologist, Dr. Danney. This was our first time actually going to his office. We’ve had appointments before, but Kenzie usually ended up back in the hospital before we could make it in, so we had to cancel. I’ve been calling in her sugars to Dr. Danney twice a week since October and this week he decided we could probably go ahead and make an appointment.

Today, her A1C was 8.9 (in hospital it was 11). He is fine with this number considering that she has been on steroids for quite a while. In two weeks he expects her A1C to be below 7. Normal is 5 – 5.5. This number tells how sticky your blood is. The higher your sugar, the stickier your blood. So, keeping her sugar under control will get this number down.

Dr. Danney did make a comment that he’s still not 100% sure that she has diabetes. Could something else have set her sugars off? Time will tell. It’s amazing to see a man who has spent the last 30 years dealing with pediatric diabetes be a little confused with Kenzie.

It felt so weird seeing Dr. Danney in his office today. We have only seen him in the hospital. I had become comfortable with that. I was comfortable talking to him on the phone twice a week for four months. But, somehow, seeing him in his office made everything seem more “real.” More permanent. Diabetes isn’t like her throat infection. Get treated in the hospital and, when you go home, you get better. You recover. The infection is gone! No. Diabetes is here with us forever. It doesn’t go away. This office visit just brought more realization that Kenzie will be pricking her finger and giving herself insulin for the rest of her life. She never ever gets a break from it. No days off. It’s always there. I fought back tears during the entire appt. I really just wanted to grab Kenzie and run far, far away from that place. Wishing and praying this was all a bad dream. Oh, how I wanted to just have a good cry. Praise the Lord Kenzie has had such a wonderful attitude about the diagnosis. She has been so ‘matter of fact’ about this from the beginning. She just goes with the flow. God is truly blessing her and working in her life. Kenzie has had a few nurses in the hospital that were diabetics. They made a huge impact on her life and attitude. Now, she is considering becoming a Pediatric Diabetes Educator. Only God knows how many lives she will touch through her testimony. I think she would be an AMAZING educator.

Praise: Thank you, Lord, for all that you are doing in our lives. You have been amazing! We have been blessed beyond what we could ever imagine!

My continued prayer: GOD, PLEASE HEAL HER PANCREAS!!!!

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