Celebrating 14 years of marriage!

For those of you who don’t know, Tuesday Todd and I will be celebrating our 14th anniversary in a unique way. I am having surgery. It’s a female surgery, nothing to be alarmed about. Everyone tells me I will feel SO much better, so I am anxious for it to be overwith. My mom is on her way down as I am typing this. She’ll be a great help to us and we are glad that she is coming. The girls at work will be bringing us meals for a while and that will be a huge blessing! We have seen God at work right before our eyes during this entire process, from finding a doctor, to working out financial details, to caring for the kids. It’s been an emotional but beautiful process. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Todd and I did go out to dinner last night at Christopher’s (thanks to a gift certificate Todd received at Christmas). (For those of you in Oklahoma, Christopher’s is like Martin’s.) The food was SO good! We had a nice, quiet dinner….. just the two of us.

We would cherish your prayers on Tuesday. My surgery is scheduled for 7:00 a.m. If you’d like to check up on how we are doing, just send us an email jtslanders@yahoo.com. Thanks for your prayers! I’ll post again as soon as I am feeling up to it. Love to all!

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