Christmas Shopping and Home Improvements

This past weekend was a very productive weekend for the Landers Family!  I got up Saturday morning on a mission!  I had a list of things I was determined to conquer over the next 2 days.   Shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc.

First, we took the kids to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks” (thanks to a Christmas gift card).   It was pretty cute.  Now the mission can begin.  We headed off to find shoes for B2.  It seems like he is ALWAYS needing new shoes!  And, every time he gets new shoes, he needs a new size!  This time we bought him size 12!!!!  Hello!  He’s in 5th grade!!!!  He’s GOT to stop growing at some point…………. doesn’t he?  While we are looking at shoes, B1 informs me that he needs new shoes, too.   I’m grateful to God that He led us to the right store.  Both boys got $50 shoes for $15 each!  YEAH!!!  B2 still needed basketball shoes and, since I was buying shoes for the boys, I couldn’t leave out K.  Can these be part of their Christmas gifts?

After everyone had their shoes purchased, we searched the mall for some Christmas gifts.  Again, we were successful in finding some sales and getting gifts for the cousins on our list.  Everyone was getting tired, so we ate dinner in the Food Court.  This is always a big treat and the kids love it!

Since everyone was re-energized, I drug them to Wal-Mart on the way home.  I think we were in and out in about 1 hour or so.  Not too bad for shopping at Wal-Mart right before Christmas.

That night, Todd was sick to his stomach.  B2 and K threw up!  OH NO!!!  We think it was the popcorn at the movies……….. or all the butter on the popcorn………. or just too much junk!  Everyone was doing much better by the next morning.

We let everyone take it easy Sunday morning, but I was, again, on a mission.  I was up before 8:00 am.  I showered and began cleaning the house.  I baked bread and sausage pinwheels before noon.  I was cleaning and organizing…….  wait a minute.  What’s that buzzing noise?  “B1, do you hear that?  Help me find where that noise is coming from.”  It didn’t take long to discover the noise was coming from the light switch in the kitchen. 

Well, my hubby had planned on changing the light fixture in the dining room that day anyway, so, while he had the eletricity turned off, I ran (drove) to Lowe’s to get a new switch.  Not only did he change the dining room light fixture and switch in the kitchen, he also changed 2 outside light fixtures!  WOW!  4 more things were accomplished that weren’t even on my list!  What a beautiful day!

While at Lowe’s, I decided that I should breakdown and get a 2nd dog house.  We have 3 labs and 1 dog house.  Normally, the 1 dog house works fine.  But, since we will be going to Oklahoma for Christmas and it “might” get cold here, we wanted to be sure the doggies had plenty of warm places to lay. 

I got what they call a “Dog Barn.”  It was cheaper than the Dogloo but made better.  It came with a door.  I went ahead and attached the door to see what the dogs would do, all the while wondering how long it would last (Maggie is only 10 months old).  Hunter, the daddy, went in and out with no problem.  The girls (mom and daughter), however, were a different story.  They weren’t sure about the door and wouldn’t go in.  B2 and I pushed them in, then they wouldn’t come out.  I don’t know if they weren’t sure how or if they were afraid of the door.

Well, never fear!  By the time hubby and kids got home Monday, the door was gone.  Maggie chewed it off (and chewed a little on the dog house).  I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know how long it would take.  I guess 24 hours!

After the electricity was turned back on, I got some baking done and more laundry.  Now, I only have a little more baking to do, straighten the house back up and pack before we head to Oklahoma.  But, none of that will happen tonight, because B2 and K have Upward practice.  Maybe tomorrow night!

1 Response to “Christmas Shopping and Home Improvements”

  1. 1 Tracy Gillett December 21, 2007 at 1:55 am

    Steve & Barrys in the mall is having a clearence sale – everything is $9.00 or under – Letterman Jackets, sweaters, hoodies, everything… They have shoes too. The shoes usually go for $15.00 but at the incredible rate of growth the kids go through, sometime $15 shoes are just what the pocketbook ordered.

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