Swimming in February/Date Night

Today, K went home with a friend, BR, after school.  After jumping on the trampoline and learning to do front flips, they asked Mrs. R if they could put their feet in the pool…..you know what’s coming, don’t you…… then they asked if they could get in the hot tub.  Here it is…..next they asked if they could get in the pool.  It’s been 70 here for 2 days.  Isn’t that warm enought to swim?  (If you know K, you know that she LOVES to swim and will stay in the pool until you MAKE her get out – even if it’s COLD).  Mrs. R finally said, “Ok.”  The pool water was a bit cool, especially after being in the hot tub, so BR triple-dog-dares K to jump into the pool.  So what is a girl to do?  She was triple-dog-dared (and she’s a Landers – because a triple-dog-dare would not have made me jump into a cold pool!)!!!  SHE JUMPED IN!  She did get out and make BR jump in with her the second time (smart girl!).  And…. you guessed it…….. they went back to the hot tub. 

Mrs. R continues to be amazed that K will swim no matter how cold the water/weather is.  She really thinks that K has gills behind her ears.  We keep telling Mrs. R that PaPa calls her a Mermaid.  She agrees!

B2 is at his 2nd sleep over birthday party in a week.  He’s living a very social life these days.  Tomorrow is the last Upward basketball game and cheerleading.  It has been great fun, but we are all ready to have our Saturday’s back.  I can’t tell you the last time we got to sleep in!

Tonight, I took Todd out for a pre-birthday dinner.  We rarely have an opportunity to do something alone, so with B2 and K at friend’s houses, we left B1 home alone (he was FINE, Mom!) and ran for the hills.  No really we just ate dinner, walked around Barnes and Noble, then went to pick up K.  Nothing major, just a quiet evening without kids.  Ahhhh!

This time next week we will be getting ready to leave for the Mexico Mission trip with the Central Baptist Youth group.  The whole family is going with me this year.  We are all looking forward to it.  This will be the first mission trip that our kids have gone on and I’m very excited.  I think it will be a wonderful experience for them.  I can’t wait to see what God does in their hearts! 

We plan to be in Oklahoma for Easter.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

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