Mexico Pictures

On the way to Piedras Negra on the bus.  B2 is in the very back. 
B1 and K are not pictured here.

Our group took up half of Church Sunday Morning.

Evening Jam Session

VBS at the school

B2 being silly B2!

Shelly’s domain for the week

Evening activity – Knock Out

B2 and B1 watching after being “Knocked Out”

The “Three Man Stack” 
I’m glad I didn’t witness this with my eyes! 
I’ve only seen pictures.

These next pictures are of the work we did at an orphanage in Acuna.
Hauling branches to the fire.  This branch is twice as tall as K.

B2 clearing off the fence

B1 hauling stuff to the fire. 

Are you surprised?  The Landers boys were “maning” the fire!
This was B2’s favorite thing to do.

K found a 15 day old baby to hold.  She was in Heaven!

Who gave my 11 year old a pick axe?!!!

Digging trenches for a new fence

This is the new school that they hope to move into by August 2009.

B1 and B2 holding the ladder for one of the men who was running an electrical wire.

B1 and Corbin installing insulation.

B1 and Laura (a ZEAL leader) having a staple gun fight? 
Glad I wasn’t around for this one, either!
(I was told that this was just a pose for the picture.  Whew!)

My babies!

No trip to Mexico would be complete without going to the market.

Every evening we would all gather for Prayer Circle.

Prayer Circle – praying for each other

B1 was putting a family sized bag of Cheetos up on the shelf in the van and…….
you guessed it…..
………… spilled!

B2 saw me take his picture so he decided to show me his food
(Cheetos – NOT the ones off of the floor).  Lovely!

K had the giggles on the way home!


1 Response to “Mexico Pictures”

  1. 1 Kami April 15, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Oops! I mistakenly left a comment on the Honor Society post about the Mexico pics! Anyways! The pics are great and it looks sooo fun!

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