Playing Catch Up

Wow!  I am really behind on updating my blog!  May and August are always EXTREMELY busy for our family.  Todd is the elementary (Grammar) school principal at BCS, so that means the whole family chips in to help with the end of school acitivities and the beginning of school activities.  Let’s see if I can get my faithful readers up to date.

K had her actual birthday party on May 16.  She had a sleepover with the girls from her 4th grade class.  They were fun.  (Todd and the boys went to the movies and played Laser Tag.)

The kids received several awards at school this year.

B1:  First Place for 7th grade in the Science Fair

He also got the Heart Award in Basketball, the Most Improved Award in Excel, and made the Principal’s Honor Roll.

B2:  Received the Character Award – Joy and made the Principal’s Honor Roll.

K:  Received the Character Award – Discernment, PE All-Star, Music All-Star, and made the Principal’s Honor Roll.

We are so proud of our babies.  They have worked very hard and LOVE their school!

Flat Stanley also came to visit in May.  He was from Cache Primary School in Cache, OK.  Cousin AJK sent him to visit. 

B1 went to San Antonio and Austin on his End of the Year Trip.  It was fun, but he is looking forward to next year’s Washington D.C. trip (mom is going too).  B2 and K enjoyed the End of the Year Swim party at Adamson Lagoon.

After the “In His Steps” ceremony, we had a wonderful reception for K’s 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Frost, who was retiring and moving to San Antonio.  She is such a dear, sweet lady.  God blessed us by letting K be in her class last year.  She was so kind and loving, exactly what K needed at that time in her life.  We will miss you, Mrs. Frost.

K and Mrs. Frost

B2 and Mrs. Dunlap (5th Grade Teacher)

K and Mrs. Toler (4th Grade Teacher)

Again, couting our blessings!  These wonderful ladies will be teaching my babies again next year as they move to 5th and 6th grade.  God is so good!

And, last but not least, here are the “Killer B’s” (as Mrs. D fondly refers to them)

K is playing Volleyball right now, so check back for more pictures.  She LOVES it and has an AWESOME coach.

The whole family is going with Shelly to CBC Youth Camp this year.  So, June 16-20 you can find us on Lake Corpus Christi!  In July, Todd and Shelly will be going on the CBC Seattle Mission trip and the kiddos will be in OK.  We hope to get to visit with everyone this summer.

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