Are you ready for some football?

I know the Olympics are on.  We watch them every night!  It’s exciting!  We are enjoying them!  We have to hurry at the store so we can get home and watch them.  Then, we stay up way too late…..  you get the picture.  BUT, I am SO ready for football!  Both of my boys are on the middle school football team at BCS.  Then we have the Friday night football games at BCS.  Then we have the Saturday football marathons!  Sometimes I can’t believe that it’s really me asking, “When does football start?  I can’t wait!”  But, here I am.  I live with 3 boys who love the sport, so like a good mom/wife, I’ve gotten into their world.  Sometimes I think they wish I was out shopping when I’m screaming at sharing my comments with the TV.  They’ve created a monster.  I know just enough about the sport to be dangerous.  I am a passionate fan of my boys, BCS football, and OU football.  Really, is there any other football?  Not to me!  So, here I sit…….  Waiting as patiently as I can for it all to begin! 

vs   August 30 at 6:00 pm

 vs Waco Reicher  September 4 at 6:00


1 Response to “Are you ready for some football?”

  1. 1 Tracy August 24, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Hey Girl:

    Took my camera to school with my new(used) telephoto lense to practice shooting. Then I thought: Well – I could throw together a quick blogs for friends and family. So I did. I will try and keep it updated and it is on the sidebar of my blog incase you lose the address.


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