Promised Updates

The boys have played two football games so far this month (one was cancelled because of Hurricane Ike). 


Their first game was September 4 against Reicher (Waco) 8th grade team.  They lost 30-0.  The score sounds horrible, but our guys played really well.  Especially since our team is made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  Oh, did I mention that B1 horse-collar-tackled a guy (B1 said he “had” to do it or the guy would’ve made a touchdown)?  Yes, a flag was thrown on B1 but Reicher had done something at the line of scrimmage, so B1’s penalty wasn’t inforced.   Phew! 

B1 is #28 and B2 is #53.  Mom, B2 plays on the line, helping to protect the QB (offense) or trying to get to the QB (defense) and B1 is behind the guys who are lined up on the line so the QB can hand him the ball and he can run for a touchdown.  (By the way, a couple of these pictures were “borrowed” from my friend.  Thanks, Tracey!)







Here’s a number for you, Grandma.  #13!  Also, there was another time when a Riecher guy tackled B1 by the FACEMASK and a penalty was NOT called.  The Ref didn’t see it.  Momma Bear was ready to go down to the field!


K is the assistant “Water Girl.” 
Mrs. Elms appreciates her help!


The second game on the schedule was cancelled because of Hurrican Ike, so the boys didn’t play again until last Thursday, September 18.  It was their first home game on our new field, and they won 26-0 against our crosstown rivals, St. Joseph.  B1 and B2 are both getting in there making some great takles.  B1 even sacked the QB on the last play of the game.

Check out the St. Joe guy across from B2. 
He’s bent over the B2 is standing up.
St. Joe had some really tall guys.





And, after every game, the teams meet in the middle of the field for prayer.


B1 didn’t get to play offense during the last game because he got a buckle fracture in his right the Saturday after the first game.  Let’s just say go-kart, speed, tree doesn’t always mix well.  The doctor said it would heal fine, but put a cast on it to protect it during football. 


There was a day when I would’ve thought this to be crazy.  Getting a cast just to make playing football easier.  But….. I’ve become a crazy football mom, and I was all for B1 getting the cast.  Even though it wasn’t “medically” necessary, I didn’t want him to miss any football games.  That does sound crazy, doesn’t it?  Well, my boy has had a passion for football since he was 5 years old so I really didn’t have a choice but to learn to love the game.  And, I especially love watching my boys play!



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