My Daddy

My Dad developed a small cyst a few months ago next to his right temple.  When I saw him at Christmas, it was very painful and swollen enough that sometimes he wore his glasses a little crooked. 

After oral antibiotics failed, the doctor put him in the hospital Monday to give him IV antibiotics to get the swelling down.  The cyst is growing so aggressively that his eye is swollen shut.  It is so painful he can’t even eat.  He was transported by ambulance (because he has an IV and he has been off of his Plavix to prepare for surgery) to OU Medical Center in OKC.  

I headed to OKC on Wednesday while the doctor’s did a CT scan to get a game plan for surgery. His eye was very swollen and purple.  He looked like he had been in a bad fight….and lost.  Thursday, the doctor’s took him to surgery to drain the cyst and take a biopsy.  He felt better almost immediately. 

We received the pathology report late Friday that the cyst was NOT cancer!  PTL!!!  He was dismissed from the hospital Saturday morning.  He will take antibiotics until all of the infection is gone, then the doctors will remove the cyst. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers, visits, and phone calls.  My family appreciates it very much!

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