Basketball Tournament in Gause, TX – Saturday

Saturday morning we played in the championship game against Allen Academy.   Allen is one of our crosstown rivals and they have beat us 3 times already this year.  We always play them very close, with Allen making a shot at the last second a time or two.  Our boys wanted to win this game very bad!  This was their last chance this season to beat Allen.

Our guys played AWESOME defense!


This was the first time that B1 had sat out for any part of the game in the last few games.
It looks like B1 is not paying attention to Coach Farrar, but I snapped the picture right as B1 looked up to check the scoreboard for the time.


Our guys played so well in this game.  They made some amazing plays happen.  I was very impressed.  (I wished I had the video camera.)  Some of my favorite highlights from Saturday’s game are when #4 fell down but kept dribbling the ball.  The crowd erupted in applause and cheering!!!  This 7th grader got up, continued to dribble the ball, and kept playing.  It was amazing to see this guy in action.  (He has gotten a traveling call for falling down with the ball all season.  He made up for it in this game!)  Probably my favorite highlight was at the end of the game.  The score was 21-20 (we were 20).  There was 6 seconds left on the clock and we just got the ball.  Coach called a timeout and we were on the edge of our seats.  I don’t remember all of the details of those last 6 seconds (although B1 could tell you), but I do remember B1 getting the ball, the boys setting up the play, B1 drives in…..jumps…..shoots…….the ball swishes through the net…..and the buzzer goes off!  The crowd jumps to their feet!  The coachs and players rush the court!  Everyone is jumping up and down, giving high fives and hugs!  It was amazing!  We were all so excited!  I so wish I had my camcorder.  To have that on film would’ve been priceless!  My boy made the winning shot!  I didn’t get any pictures either, because I was so focused on the game, I forgot about taking a picture.  Lesson learned.  I’ll try to be better next time and use my camera more.   But, this game was just too stressful.  Just ask K, who doesn’t like basketball.  She even commented during the game that “this game is stressful.”  My girl!  Maybe we’ll make a sports-lover out of her yet.  And Briley enjoyed his “that’s my brother” moment after B1 made the game winning shot.  What a great day!

There is also no picture of the final score.  Besides my celebrating….the ladies at the scoreboard had struggled all day.  They put the final 2 points on the wrong team, then just turned it off.  So, no picture.  Bummer.

This is right after the team lifted B1 up in the middle of the huddle.  My camera had turned itself off, so I missed that Kodak moment, too.   I was just enjoying the moment and high-fiving the mom’s around me, what can I say!



The team and their families (along with a few girls from the girls team who had stayed to watch the boys game) went to lunch at Wings-N-More to celebrate!



Hey B1, are those wings good?   What a great day!


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