Summer Recap

It seems like summer has just begun, and now it’s coming to an end. We’ve had a very busy, but good, summer.  We started the summer with Me, B1 and K going to OK for Memorial Day weekend. Todd and B2 stayed home and enjoyed a Father Son weekend.

During June, we kept busy with B1’s summer basketball league, K’s volleyball league and CBC’s youth camp. Todd was unable to go to camp with us this year because he had conferences to attend for work during the same week as camp. We really missed him, but hope that it works out for him to go back with us next year.

We started July with a vacation to OK. While we were in OK, B1 and Todd went to youth camp with our old church, FBE. B1 had a fun time connecting with old friends and meeting new friends. Todd also had a good week hanging out with some of our long time friends.  One week after we got home, B2 ejoyed a fun week of Art Camp at BCS. He really had a great time! Then, B1 and I went to Seattle, WA with our youth group on a mission trip. Our youth go every year to work at a church in Maple Valley and help with sports camp. It’s lots of fun and we’ve made some good friends. I was blessed to stay with the same family that Todd and I stayed with last year. The Mitchells are such sweet, kind people. We really enjoy spending time with them. Two days after arriving in WA, I came down with strep throat. This kept me confined for a few days, but, after getting some anti-biotics in me, I began the road to recovery. My roommate, Jenny Mae, was an awesome caretaker!

B1 and I got home from Seattle on August 1, and K and I left for a two day trip to Schlitterbahn on August 3. Yes, I was still recovering from strep throat, but we had this trip planned since the spring, so I had to go (we went with the children’s ministry at our church). We had a blast! K was not ready to ride any rides the first day, but by day 2, she decided that she enjoyed them. We spent most of our time in the lazy river. I called it the wavy river because there was nothing lazy about it. It was part of the wave pool, so we played on the huge waves in the river. This was her favorite thing to do.

While we were at Schlitterbahn, I got a call from one of K’s friends inviting her to go to Six Flags. So, Thursday, K spent the night with EA, then went to Six Flags on Friday. She rode alot of rides and had lots of fun with her friends. Thursday, was also the first day of BCS football camp. So, Briley was an only child for about 30 hours! (of which he thoroughly enjoyed)

After waiting up late for K to get home Friday night/Saturday morning, we were awakened at 9:00am Saturday morning with a phone call from the football coach! (this is never a good thing) He was calling to tell us that B1 had hurt his hands, and one…maybe both… were probably broken. WHAT?!!! He said they were scrimmaging, the ball was passed to B1, he CAUGHT the ball, then was sandwiched by two seniors! One of the facemasks jammed into his hands and B1 knew immediately that his hands were hurt. Todd’s question to the coach was, “But did he hold onto to the ball?” Coach, “Yes, he did!” So, the men were proud that he didn’t drop the ball. I, on the other hand, couldn’t believe that that was an important question! My baby is hurt and we are asking if he held onto the ball?! Men!!! (exaperated sigh) B1 was in good spirits though and had no intention of leaving camp early. They were coming home that evening anyway, so he just stayed at camp with ice on his hands. We are taking him to the doctor tomorrow to get some xrays. We are hoping that the swelling is down enough that they’ll be able to see if anything was broken.

I will admit, I really enjoy watching football. I can be a very enthusiastic fan, in fact. Sometimes, cheering from my own living room while watching the Sooners play ball. But, I will never understand why guys love to play the sport so much. I hate it when they get hurt. It’s such a physical game and you never know what will happen. I’ll support my boys for as long as they want to play. You may even find me in the stands, cheering like a crazy mom. But, a part of me will always be nervous (and praying) that they won’t get hurt. That’s my job. I’m a mom!

Speaking of football, I am so ready to watch some games. BCS will start their games in a few weeks,  and I will have 2 games a week to attend. Then, Sooner Football will start September 5, so I’ll be glued to the TV on Saturdays. I’m excited to see how far Stoops will take the boys this year! Let’s not just make it to the National Championship Game, let’s WIN it!

This week finds us winding down the summer activities and gearing up for school to start on Friday. Monday night we have the BCS swim party, Tuesday is the staff dinner at BCS, Thursday is meet the teacher and parent orientation. We’ve already gotten haircuts for the boys, but I still have to take my kids shopping for school stuff this week (i.e. shoes, shorts, backpacks, etc…).

This summer has been busy, but I’ve really enjoyed the time with my kiddo’s. I’ve seen lots of maturity growth in them this summer, as well as spiritual growth. As a mom, that makes my heart glad! God continues to bless our lives. We are so grateful to Him for all He does for our family.

“Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts.” I Chronicles 16:9

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