We’ve been adopted….

 Meet HashBrown….

This precious little thing came to our house last Thursday and has been here ever since. He is the sweetest thing! He is very friendly and lovable! The kids and I have permission to keep him…..in the garage! Which is fine with me because I do not want a litter box in my house! Anyway, he has found his way into our family, and into our hearts (ALL of our hearts!)

Oh, and about his name: We’ve had one other cat since we’ve been married. I love cats, Todd does not! A few years ago, Kenzie softened her daddy’s heart and he allowed her to get a kitten. We adopted a (wild) female kitten. She was MEAN most of the time. But, she did have some sweet moments (she liked me). She did provide us with much entertainment. She started out as an inside cat, but we soon discovered that she was much happier outside. She was so territorial that no other cat even walked across our yard to get to the next yard. They would walk down the driveway of their own home, get in the street, walk around our house to the house on the other side. This cat did not have front claws, but she was never injured in any of her cat fights. I was always amazed!

Anyway, when we first got her, we were discussing names. Todd had a dream one night that we named her Tater Tot. The next morning, he shared his dream with us and we all laughed at him. He told us that we could call her whatever we wanted, but he was going to call her Tater Tot. Well……… the name stuck.

So, when Todd was cleaning the garage and this kitty was hanging out with him, Todd started calling him HashBrown. I guess our cats will have a name from the potato family.

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