July 2011

The weekend after youth camp, Miss Kelly came to visit! We always have a great time with Miss Kelly!!! After several hours of Nertz, visiting, Nertz, church, visiting, and more Nertz, it was time to say “Goodbye.” She ended up transporting Blaine and Kenzie to Oklahoma so that they could have some much needed “cousin time.”

I was excited for them to have this opportunity, until I received this….
It seems that cousin Abbie was playing beauty shop and Blaine was her client. 🙂

Next was Kenzie’s turn. (I lost the picture of the fish bone braid) Here is Kenzie’s hair scrunched…

Very Cute! This I can handle! 🙂

Meanwhile, Briley is at home, “suffering” as an only child.

He brought the TV from the spare room to the living room. It is sitting in the middle of the floor. He is playing on his PS2 while watching TV. It was rough!

Next, some friends from Bryan were in town for their older brother’s baseball tournament. They decided to beat the heat and hang out at the Landers’. They rearranged the furniture so that they could sit directly in front of the TV to play their games.

What a life! 🙂

After 9 days, it was finally time for us to head north to visit family and friends… and to get our babies!!!

crossing the very DRY Red River….


And, we made it!

Macie found it and Macie wanted it! She was NOT happy that Briley took this Mountain Boomer away from her!

Playing Beauty Shop must run in the family. My baby niece, Emilee, wanted to do my hair!

A visit to Grandma and PaPa’s in the summer is not complete without some pool time!

Kenzie and Briley playing “catch” with cousin Emilee…

Emilee loves cousin Briley

Back Row: Kenzie, Kelsey (holding Macie), Briley, Abbie
Front Row: Emilee, JP

Abbie did not like swimming with bugs…

Macie is a good watch dog. She will circle the kids and make sure they stay above the water. It really upsets her whenever they go under!

Oh, and you will get barked at if you splash in the pool! Macie’s pool rules!

Blaine and Dad….. always working on a project in the barn…

JP and Blaine licking the bowl after I made Oreo Dirt Cake.

We took the Dirt Cake to our Martin-Harper-Landers get-together. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures while we were there. I am really bummed about that! All of the boys are SO tall! But we did have a wonderful time! Lots of laughs, as usual!

We also spent an evening with Miss Kelly and her mom, Jimmie. We LOVE their NEW house! Kelly cooked a great meal and we had fun playing… NERTZ! Again, I failed in the photo department. What was WRONG with me?! I will do better next time!

Saturday we went to visit our Wichita Falls friends, Micky and Jeanine Miller! After lunch, Blaine had to get his hair cut since we wouldn’t have time to get it cut before football practice Monday morning.

I LOVE when he cuts his hair like this! 🙂

We spent the night in Wichita Falls and attended church with the Miller’s on Sunday.

After the Potluck dinner, we headed home. And, let me just add that my kids had NO IDEA what a Potluck dinner was! We have always attended larger churches who have not done Potluck dinners. The closest my kids have experienced something like this was the Thanksgiving dinners at First East in Lawton. This made me a little sad….

Since it was our 18th Anniversary, we took a MILE detour in Mineral Wells to get some ice cream at BRAUM’S!!! YUM-O!!!

Monday morning (August 1), we will hit the ground running… EARLY!!! The boys start football practice at 7:30am. So, summer is pretty much over but exciting things are happening in the Athletic Department at CTCS. We are moving to 11-man football this year and we are soooo excited!!!!


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July 2011
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