Kenzie’s 14th Birthday Party

Today, I had the pleasure and privilege of hosting Kenzie and 6 of her friends for Kenzie’s 14th Birthday celebration! Kenzie started planning this party soon after she turned 13. The main idea was to have ice cream sundae’s and a chocolate fountain. Two things that Kenzie’ loves!

We started the afternoon off by enjoying the chocolate fountain!

Excuse the boxes in the background. With the timing of Kenzie’s party and our move, I just couldn’t help but have some boxes out.

As you can tell, there was LOTS AND LOTS OF GIGGLING!

Thank you, Aunt Jenn, for letting us borrow your fountain! It was a HUGE hit!

Marshmellows, strawberries, pretzels, and chips. It was all good covered in chocolate! 🙂

Here is Kenzie’s birthday brownie. Since my cake decorating equipment is packed away in those boxes you saw earlier, I bought one of those tubes of icing to write on the brownie. Unfortunately, there was only one size to write with….. BIG! I couldn’t write “Happy Birthday, Kenzie.”  We had to just settle for “Kenzie.”

The entertainment for the party was a game called “Mystery at the Mall.” The girls came dressed as their character and just followed their scripts for each scene as we played the game. The girls seemed to have a lot of fun accusing other characters while defending their character. They really got into it.  ….the giggling continued….

Front: Michelle, Kenzie, Mary, Michelle
Back: BreAnna, Kathryn, Tarah
Such lovely young ladies. They are a J.O.Y.!!!

Showing their silly side….

Singing “Happy Birthday”

Blowing out the candles….

Full of sugar and being silly…

Michelle saw Hashbrown on the back patio. She loves cats and wanted him to join the party. Hashbrown was not happy about receiving this invitation. There were too many people that he didn’t know and all of the teenage giggling was more than he could handle. He quickly chose to go back to the patio with the dogs. 🙂

Opening presents brought more….. you guessed it…… GIGGLING!

The girls were such a delight and so much fun! They were certainly on a sugar high when they left. Sorry parents. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


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