June 2012 . . . . I am blessed!

The week of June 4, I began training Vanessa as the Athletic Secretary at CTCS. We had visited a few times during the last two weeks of school, but this was going to be the week where, no one else was in the office, and I was going to spend the next 4-5 days dumping all of the info from my brain into her brain. I felt like it was the final step in the leaving process for me. I grew a lot during my 2 years in that job and the position/duties changed quite a bit from when I first took over.  I wanted to share as much knowledge as I could with Vanessa before I moved to San Antonio. And, I was looking forward to spending time with Vanessa. She’s a lot of fun! She’s a hard worker and is wearing many, many hats at CTCS!!!

Sunday, June 3, I woke up with a sore throat. So bad that I ate cough drops all day! After church, I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could take a nap. I thought, with the end of school and packing to move, I just needed more rest. I slept for 3 hours. I don’t normally nap that long, so that surprised me. I didn’t do much around the house that evening, but my throat still bothered me.

Monday, June 4, I went to work to begin training Vanessa. My throat didn’t hurt anymore but I coughed a lot. All day. That evening I began to feel chilly. I just couldn’t warm up. We went to a farewell dinner at our friend’s house and by 9:00pm I was ready to be in bed. I was feeling really yucky. By the time I got home, showered, and into bed, I had a slight fever. My fever rose quickly and I burned up all night, as I tossed and turned and coughed (and moaned, as reported by my husband).

Tuesday, June 5, I am not sleeping much. Usually only 15 minutes at a time. Tossing and Turning. Coughing. Fever. Coughing. Fever. {Moaning.} Then, my phone rings. I’m already awake. It’s 3:45am. A phone call at 3:45am can only mean one thing. Grandma. It was my mom calling to tell me that Grandma had lost the battle with her brain tumor and, while sleeping, went home to be with Jesus. My first feeling was relief for her. Relief that she would not experience any pain with the tumor. Relief that she was now HOME. All she wanted to do since March was to get discharged from the hospital and go home. She worked hard in physical therapy so that they would send her home. But, that couldn’t happen. I am glad that she was able to live in her house for as long as she did. I am glad that she wasn’t in the hospital long. Now, she has a new body and she is no longer sick. But I miss her. We all do. But I know she is in a much better place! The rest of the day I spent in bed. Fever.Coughing.Aching.Fever.Coughing.  …..and thinking about my family…..wondering how my Dad was doing…..wishing I was well so that I could go to Oklahoma that day…..

Wednesday, June 6, after a second night of miserable “sleeping,” I decided that I had to go to the doctor. I knew there was no way I could go to Oklahoma feeling like I did. So, my dear, sweet husband took me to the doctor.  God provided a wonderful doctor for me at the Urgent Care Clinic! She was very kind and helpful! I really liked her! And, we learned that she is a CTCS parent who’s kids were in elementary school (which meant Todd was their principal).She was awesome! Once she gave her diagnosis of Pneumonia, she began telling me about the medicines she was going to prescribe. All were going to make me sleepy. Once we explained that I was leaving the next day to drive 5 hours to Oklahoma for a funeral, she revised her treatment option. I received a shot and they started me on Zithromax right away. I also received some heavenly cough medicine.

Thursday, June 7,the kids and I woke up early and headed for Oklahoma. I drove from the house to the gas station and realized that I was in no condition to drive. After Blaine pumped the gas, I turned the reigns over to him and he drove us to Oklahoma. I am SO THANKFUL that he has his license! There is no way I could’ve driven. And, Todd had to stay home to finish our last minute packing. He happily listened to the radio as he drove. Briley, Kenzie and I slept. The only parts of the trip that I remember is waking up and letting Blaine know when I needed a restroom break.  We arrived at Grandma Taylor’s house and found people everywhere. The job of going through her belongings had already begun. My grandparents lived in the same house since long before I was born. She was a doll collector. She was crafty. Her and my Granddaddy had traveled. They have a lot of stuff. A LOT! After a few hours spent at Grandma’s, we headed to my parents house. I was pretty much no help to anyone. I just sat. I could tell my meds were starting to kick in, but I had no energy to help do anything. And, I lost my voice. This made me especially sad because I wanted to sing at my Grandma’s funeral. Since I couldn’t sing, we contacted my lifelong friend, Kelda, to sing in my place. Our families were so close growing up that it felt like we were related. Her parents were second parents to me. She knew my grandparents and I knew hers. We spent a lot of time together!!! She’s awesome! She is a faithful friend and an excellent singer (The Country music industry is not complete without you, girl!)! We even did quite a bit of singing together, back-in-the-day. We sang at each other’s weddings. Kelda was, as always, willing to step in and sing. That blessed my heart so much. Then, I realized that, if I had a voice, we could’ve sang together. Like we used to. I remember when we would sing at Western Days in downtown Cache, my grandparents would sit on their front porch and listen to us (they just lived 2 blocks from where we were singing). That would’ve been a really cool way to honor my Grandma. But, it wasn’t part of God’s plan. Kelda, I am forever grateful to you!

Friday, June 8 was the day of the funeral. We went to the funeral home that morning to see Grandma. She looked so peaceful. So many beautiful flowers were in her room. Many family members and friends sending their condolences. At the funeral, family and friend gathered to honor my Grandma. John Webb did a wonderful job. And Kelda’s singing was like soothing salve on my hurting heart. It was beautiful! Grandma lived a full life. Married an army guy. Raised 4 kids. Worked in the Post Office. Painted. Knitted. Sewed. Collected dolls. And kept QVC in business. 🙂 One of my favorite memories is going to Grandma’s for lunch after church on Sunday. Many times she had cooked fried chicken! Her fried chicken was delicious! Everyone was welcome at Grandma’s. Everytime I hugged her goodbye, she would say, “Alright, Hon. Y’all come when you can.” I can still hear her saying that now. She always enjoyed visiting with her family. The last time I saw Grandma was over Easter weekend. I stayed the night with her on her first night at Monte Vista. She didn’t always want my help, but she let me help her. I didn’t give her a choice, but I tried to respect her independence. I brought my family by to see her as we were heading home. She wished us luck on our upcoming move. The last time I talked to Grandma was over the phone on Mother’s Day. It was difficult for her to hold the phone to her ear. It was difficult for me to understand all that she was saying. She tried to chat with me. She answered my questions, as best she could. She told me who all had visited her that day. When it was time to hang up, she thanked me for calling. I could understood those words. Another note about my Grandma is that she helped me (as a child) learn to love music. She was the first person to help me make sense of the notes, time signatures, what the “f” and “p” meant above the staff, etc… She was patient with me even when I wanted to learn a song that was too difficult with me. The Entertainer. It was a new piece of sheet music that she bought. I saw it sitting on the piano and asked her to play it. Now, I wanted to play it too. It took a lot of work but I finally convinced her to help me learn just the right hand. Since the music was so hard, I figured this was a good compromise. She finally agreed. I would go practice at the piano and run to the den to ask a question about a note, then run back to the piano to try it out. Finally, I could play The Entertainer with my right hand. But I was not satisified. Now I wanted to learn the left hand. So, we went through the process again of me working at the piano, running to ask her a questions, then going back to the piano. Then…… it was time to put both hands together. This was very exciting and frustrating at the same time. It looked so easy when Grandma played it. Finally, when I felt like I was close to “mastering” it (i.e. making it somewhat recognizable), I would ask her to come to the living room to listen to me. To see if I was playing it correctly. She was always encouraging me. She told me I was doing good and to keep practicing. I’m grateful for her patience in teaching me some basic piano. From there, my love of music grew and grew! {Come to think of it, I think The Entertainer is the only song I remember hearing her play.}

Briley, Blaine and Kenzie with Grandma Taylor
Christmas 2011

The Great Grandchildren of Rex and Nona Mae Taylor

First Step: Brianna’, Taylor, J.P.
Second Step: Kelsey, Abbie, Casin, Ryan, Ashleigh
Top Step: Emilee, perched next to Blaine, Kenzie, Katie, Briley
Michael and Dillon are not pictured. They were out of state with family on their dad’s side.

Growing up, the grandchildren always took group pictures on these front steps. We have tried to continue this tradition with the great grandchildren as often as possible.

Grandma Taylor and her 4 kids

My lifelong friend and singing buddy, Kelda!

Another long time, faithful friend, Kelly!

Saturday, June 9, the kids and I packed up and headed home. I had to drive home since Blaine was driving Grandma’s car. Yep! We are now a three car family. I was feeling a lot better than I had 2 days before but I was not well. But, well enough to drive home. We arrived home and Todd pretty much had wrapped up all of the last minute packing [THANK YOU!], so I rested.

Sunday, June 10, the movers came. At 8:30am. Today was the day to say “Goodbye” to Temple and “Hello” to San Antonio. By noon, we were on the road to San Antonio. To our rent house that we had not yet seen. But, my realtor/new boss had seen it. We trusted her. Besides, it was difficult to find a rent house, in the area that we wanted, with the number of bedrooms that we wanted, for the price we were willing to pay. The Lord’s hand provided us a great house! I’m so thankful. By 5:00, the movers were gone and we were officially “moved.” I was exhausted from observing all of the activities of the day and welcomed bedtime!

Monday, June 11, I sat/slept in the recliner while my wonderful husband unpacked and organized our new home. He sometimes asked me where I wanted something. I didn’t care. Honestly, I didn’t. I just wanted to feel better. So, he just unpacked as he saw fit. After almost 19 years of marriage, he had a good idea of where I liked things to be in the kitchen.  He even told me that when I started feeling better, I could move stuff around if I wanted. So, my day was spent resting.

Tuesday, June 12 was the day I wanted to start work. But I wasn’t ready. I needed more rest. So, I rested.

Wednesday, June 13 was my first day at my new job. I still couldn’t talk very well, but I got all of my paperwork completed and started learning about my job at Registrar. For the first week and a half, I felt like I was in a fog. Sometimes I asked questions about how to do something more than once. I just couldn’t remember the answer. That’s not normal for me. I blame pneumonia! But, I do love my job and my co-workers! (And, I’m grateful that they have been patient with me.)

Although I was working, my job requires a lot of sitting (which was good). So, I just sat at my desk trying to learn and retain all that was being told to me. After work, I would go home and sit in my recliner until bedtime. This was my routine for several weeks. Finally, last week I started to feel “normal.” Yes, it took 6 weeks for me to feel normal again (and to shake that nasty cough).

As if I didn’t have enough going on in my life in June, pneumonia decided to show it’s ugly face and demand that it receive my full attention. Poor Vanessa. I don’t feel like I was able to give her the jump start I had hoped for (although I did create for her, “The Binder.” Hopefully the 3″ binder, along with my cell phone number, will get her through her first year.) Loosing Grandma, moving, starting a new job. All pretty major things. But, there was no time to stress. We just put one step in front of the other. Took things one day at a time. And trusted God. And, for my body, I rested. And rested. And rested. June feels like a blur to me, with certain things standing out.

God is good. All the time. God is good. I do not doubt God’s plans. I do not question His timing. Maybe one day I’ll understand why so many HUGE events happened AT ONE TIME in my life. Maybe I won’t. My understanding of it doesn’t matter. But, as I faced each mountain, I would just close my eyes and rest in Him. He is my safe place. He is my comfort. He is my joy. And, my husband, my kids, and my family are just wonderful! They are faithful. They are loving. They are helpful.


The LORD is my strength and my shield;  my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy,  and with my song I praise Him.” Psalm 28:7


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