Apartment Life Observations

As we were preparing to move to San Antonio last summer, we began looking for housing. We decided to look for something to rent so that we could spend some time getting to know the neighborhoods and traffic patterns before we choose to purchase a home. We spent a weekend looking at rentals. We quickly discovered that you can find some really nice homes and some not so nice homes that rent for the same amount of money. We also discovered that they all rent FAST. I remember we would look at a house that we liked and our Realtor would call on it as soon as we got to the car and it would already be rented. We felt like we were 30 minutes behind every time. We went home and just prayed for God to provide housing for us. We knew that he was moving us to new jobs so we knew he had a place for us to live. Our realtor called us about a new house up for rent on Martesia. It was 4 bedroom and 2500 sq feet! She went to look at it for us then we submitted our application. Wouldn’t you know that the landlady had already accepted another application. It was disappointing but I knew the Lord was in control. A day or two later our realtor called us again. The Martesia house was available again and the landlady wanted to know if we were interested. YES!!!! We rented this house sight-unseen but we were so excited to have a place to live. The Martesia house was a blessing and we were very thankful to the Lord for providing us a place to live.

As our lease was coming up this summer, Todd and I began to discuss where we wanted to live this next year. Our landlady really wanted us to sign another 12 month lease, but we weren’t sure we wanted to do that. After living there for a year, we decided to weigh our options. 1) Blaine is moving out. Do we really need 2500 sq feet for 4 people? (One person moving out made that house feel bigger.) 2) Surely we can find something less expensive. As we talked, we even discussed moving into an apartment. Hmmm. I have never lived in an apartment, but this option just seemed “right” for us at this time in our lives. We spent a day with our realtor looking at rental homes but found ourselves repeating the same situations as last summer. So, we told our realtor that we were interested in looking at an apartment, specifically the Sendero Ridge apartments. After looking at these apartments and discussing our options, we decided this was the way to go.



HERO #1 and HERO #2! These two guys moved ALL of our stuff by themselves! My sidekick and I moved everything we could and helped whenever we could, but these two guys worked their butts off!


Goodbye, Martesia!


Hello, Sendero Ridge apartment! (The window on the bottom right is the master bedroom window.)



July 26 we moved into our 3 bedroom apartment. Here are some of my observations from this last week:

1) Apartment living is much quieter than I had imagined it would be. We rarely hear our neighbors. In fact, we rarely SEE our neighbors!

2) Walking the dogs has insured that I am getting my daily exercise.

3) Walking the dogs has caused us to take note of who does “what” on our walks. Yeah. Nice!

4) We have invested in “doggie bags” to dispose of the “what” that happens on our walks.

5) Our rent is cheaper than the house. Yay!

6) We anticipate saving money on utilities (our new sq footage is only 1245) as well as gas since we can get to work in less than 5 minutes. Yay!

7) The apartment complex has two pools and a weight room. Our teenagers are excited about these options.

8) Downsizing from 2500 to 1245 sq feet has opened our eyes to all of the “stuff” we have accumulated that we don’t “need.” Having a garage sale the week before we moved was AWESOME! However, as we finished up the packing, then while we were unpacking, we continued to find things that we should’ve sold in the garage sale!

9) Our outside cat has had to become in inside cat. So far, he has accepted it okay. He does lay by the door and sometimes meow for us to open the door, but we make him go away from the door and he stops meowing. He usually goes off and pouts somewhere.

10) All of our blinds are raised enough for the cat to sit in the windowsill and watch the birds. Oh how he longs to be outside.

11) Certain loud men voices in our home have had to make sure they bring it down a notch or two.

12) We are SO THANKFUL to no longer live in a two story house! Those stairs got old fast!

13) We are SO THANKFUL that our apartment is on the bottom floor!

14) Our apartment feels very cozy! We LOVE it!

15) My husband is AWESOME! He is constantly unpacking a box and helping to find places to put our stuff. He’s also been hanging curtains and pictures.

Pics will come later after we finish clearing out all of the boxes! It’s amazing how much stuff we still have after all that we have gotten rid of (sold, donated, trashed)! It’s kind of embarrassing! Anyway, we hope everyone will still come visit and stay with us! We ALWAYS have room for guests! We did NOT get rid of our box of NERTZ cards! 🙂



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  1. 1 Todd August 5, 2013 at 12:01 am

    You are an amazing woman MyShel!

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