First Visit to the Endocrinoligst Office

Today Kenzie had an appointment with her endocrinologist, Dr. Danney. This was our first time actually going to his office. We’ve had appointments before, but Kenzie usually ended up back in the hospital before we could make it in, so we had to cancel. I’ve been calling in her sugars to Dr. Danney twice a week since October and this week he decided we could probably go ahead and make an appointment.

Today, her A1C was 8.9 (in hospital it was 11). He is fine with this number considering that she has been on steroids for quite a while. In two weeks he expects her A1C to be below 7. Normal is 5 – 5.5. This number tells how sticky your blood is. The higher your sugar, the stickier your blood. So, keeping her sugar under control will get this number down.

Dr. Danney did make a comment that he’s still not 100% sure that she has diabetes. Could something else have set her sugars off? Time will tell. It’s amazing to see a man who has spent the last 30 years dealing with pediatric diabetes be a little confused with Kenzie.

It felt so weird seeing Dr. Danney in his office today. We have only seen him in the hospital. I had become comfortable with that. I was comfortable talking to him on the phone twice a week for four months. But, somehow, seeing him in his office made everything seem more “real.” More permanent. Diabetes isn’t like her throat infection. Get treated in the hospital and, when you go home, you get better. You recover. The infection is gone! No. Diabetes is here with us forever. It doesn’t go away. This office visit just brought more realization that Kenzie will be pricking her finger and giving herself insulin for the rest of her life. She never ever gets a break from it. No days off. It’s always there. I fought back tears during the entire appt. I really just wanted to grab Kenzie and run far, far away from that place. Wishing and praying this was all a bad dream. Oh, how I wanted to just have a good cry. Praise the Lord Kenzie has had such a wonderful attitude about the diagnosis. She has been so ‘matter of fact’ about this from the beginning. She just goes with the flow. God is truly blessing her and working in her life. Kenzie has had a few nurses in the hospital that were diabetics. They made a huge impact on her life and attitude. Now, she is considering becoming a Pediatric Diabetes Educator. Only God knows how many lives she will touch through her testimony. I think she would be an AMAZING educator.

Praise: Thank you, Lord, for all that you are doing in our lives. You have been amazing! We have been blessed beyond what we could ever imagine!

My continued prayer: GOD, PLEASE HEAL HER PANCREAS!!!!

Shelly hearts


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