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Divine Appointment

God continues to amaze me! This morning, I received a text from a doctor in Cleveland that I have only spoken with on the phone twice before today. I had contacted him for a second opinion concerning a tracheal resection surgery for Kenzie versus a newer, less invasive surgery. He was speaking at a symposium today and offered for us to come meet him for a short visit. Todd and I drove Kenzie to Baltimore to meet up with the Cleveland doctor and her Baltimore doctor. As God would have it, airway experts from all of the world gathered today, under the direction of our Baltimore doctor, to discuss airway treatment options. I think it is incredible that we got to talk to these doctors, as soon as their meetings finished, while all of this information was fresh on their minds. Meeting with two of the top airway professionals in the country, on their time….. Divine appointment. God is good!

Cleveland doc explained that the less invasive procedures, Reacher and Madden, are very new and are currently being performed on patients who have a small area of stenosis. They have not yet been performed on someone with a large amount of stenosis, like Kenzie (3 1/2cm). So, these procedures are not an option for Kenzie. However, in 5-10 years, these will probably be the standard treatment. She can’t wait that long. Out of all of the options that were discussed at their meeting today, both doctors felt like a resection was the best option for Kenzie for long term results for breathing. Confirmation of necessary treatment. God is good!

We were able to give Cleveland doc a little bit of Kenzie’s history, including that we just moved here from Texas. He shared that he wasn’t surprised that we had limited airway care in Texas. The doctors in the East seem to be the ones who are taking the lead on growing the advancement of airway treatment options. So, God moved us to Maryland, and through a group on Facebook, I got in contact with the Cleveland doc who referred me to the Baltimore doc (because this was his friend and Baltimore was closer to me than Cleveland – 45 min vs 6 hours). God knew what we needed and when, so He moved us to Maryland to be near expert airway docs. God is good!

Cleveland doc confirmed what Baltimore doc had already told us, that Kenzie’s voice pitch will go down some after the resection. However, he also addressed the fact that she will no longer have voice control, meaning she will not be able to sing. While this was hard to hear and to accept (because she loves to sing), breathing is our number 1 priority. We also know that God is bigger than the doctor’s prediction and He can protect and heal Kenzie’s voice control. No matter the outcome, we will praise Him. God is good!

Cleveland doc feels like Kenzie will get the resection, heal, and go on about her life. He said it will soon be just a memory that she had breathing problems as a teen, but had surgery and is fine now. Baltimore doc agreed. Very comforting to hear this. God is good!

Things I am pondering: How many doctors are willing to consult with you over the phone, without ever seeing you in their office? Much less, offer to meet with you in person, at a conference, on his own time!? The Cleveland doc that I’ve consulted with by phone is coming to a conference in Baltimore that Kenzie’s doc is putting on, two weeks before Kenzie’s scheduled surgery…and we get to meet with him!? Who but God can put you in touch with two doctors (through a Facebook group), who are experts in their field, then sit down at a table in a library to discuss your daughter’s situation? My earthly mind can not comprehend these events. God is good!

Last Wednesday, a friend of mine reminded me of this song. I downloaded it on my phone and have listened to it several times every day since. The words are constantly rolling around in my head. It has become my heart’s anthem. We have hoped and prayed for 2 years that Kenzie could avoid having this big surgery, but it is very clear to us that she needs it. With every step we take, every risk that we weigh, every outcome that we hope for, we will trust in God. He may not give us the answers/results that we want, but we trust that He knows what’s best for her. We know that He loves Kenzie and has a very special plan for her life! She is truly a miracle!


Trust in You

Letting go of every single dream
I lay each one down at Your feet
Every moment of my wandering
Never changes what You see

I’ve tried to win this war I confess
My hands are weary I need Your rest
Mighty Warrior, King of the fight
No matter what I face, You’re by my side

When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!

Truth is, You know what tomorrow brings
There’s not a day ahead You have not seen
So, in all things be my life and breath
I want what You want Lord and nothing less

When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!

You are my strength and comfort
You are my steady hand
You are my firm foundation; the rock on which I stand

Your ways are always higher
Your plans are always good
There’s not a place where I’ll go, You’ve not already stood

When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!

I will trust in You!

Lauren Daigle

I really am not trying to be a “creeper,” but I just had to snap a pic of these two docs so that I could remember this day.

Cleveland (left)/Baltimore (right)
DrLorenz and DrHillel 02222016

God is Good!


First Visit to the Endocrinoligst Office

Today Kenzie had an appointment with her endocrinologist, Dr. Danney. This was our first time actually going to his office. We’ve had appointments before, but Kenzie usually ended up back in the hospital before we could make it in, so we had to cancel. I’ve been calling in her sugars to Dr. Danney twice a week since October and this week he decided we could probably go ahead and make an appointment.

Today, her A1C was 8.9 (in hospital it was 11). He is fine with this number considering that she has been on steroids for quite a while. In two weeks he expects her A1C to be below 7. Normal is 5 – 5.5. This number tells how sticky your blood is. The higher your sugar, the stickier your blood. So, keeping her sugar under control will get this number down.

Dr. Danney did make a comment that he’s still not 100% sure that she has diabetes. Could something else have set her sugars off? Time will tell. It’s amazing to see a man who has spent the last 30 years dealing with pediatric diabetes be a little confused with Kenzie.

It felt so weird seeing Dr. Danney in his office today. We have only seen him in the hospital. I had become comfortable with that. I was comfortable talking to him on the phone twice a week for four months. But, somehow, seeing him in his office made everything seem more “real.” More permanent. Diabetes isn’t like her throat infection. Get treated in the hospital and, when you go home, you get better. You recover. The infection is gone! No. Diabetes is here with us forever. It doesn’t go away. This office visit just brought more realization that Kenzie will be pricking her finger and giving herself insulin for the rest of her life. She never ever gets a break from it. No days off. It’s always there. I fought back tears during the entire appt. I really just wanted to grab Kenzie and run far, far away from that place. Wishing and praying this was all a bad dream. Oh, how I wanted to just have a good cry. Praise the Lord Kenzie has had such a wonderful attitude about the diagnosis. She has been so ‘matter of fact’ about this from the beginning. She just goes with the flow. God is truly blessing her and working in her life. Kenzie has had a few nurses in the hospital that were diabetics. They made a huge impact on her life and attitude. Now, she is considering becoming a Pediatric Diabetes Educator. Only God knows how many lives she will touch through her testimony. I think she would be an AMAZING educator.

Praise: Thank you, Lord, for all that you are doing in our lives. You have been amazing! We have been blessed beyond what we could ever imagine!

My continued prayer: GOD, PLEASE HEAL HER PANCREAS!!!!

Shelly hearts

Apartment Life Observations

As we were preparing to move to San Antonio last summer, we began looking for housing. We decided to look for something to rent so that we could spend some time getting to know the neighborhoods and traffic patterns before we choose to purchase a home. We spent a weekend looking at rentals. We quickly discovered that you can find some really nice homes and some not so nice homes that rent for the same amount of money. We also discovered that they all rent FAST. I remember we would look at a house that we liked and our Realtor would call on it as soon as we got to the car and it would already be rented. We felt like we were 30 minutes behind every time. We went home and just prayed for God to provide housing for us. We knew that he was moving us to new jobs so we knew he had a place for us to live. Our realtor called us about a new house up for rent on Martesia. It was 4 bedroom and 2500 sq feet! She went to look at it for us then we submitted our application. Wouldn’t you know that the landlady had already accepted another application. It was disappointing but I knew the Lord was in control. A day or two later our realtor called us again. The Martesia house was available again and the landlady wanted to know if we were interested. YES!!!! We rented this house sight-unseen but we were so excited to have a place to live. The Martesia house was a blessing and we were very thankful to the Lord for providing us a place to live.

As our lease was coming up this summer, Todd and I began to discuss where we wanted to live this next year. Our landlady really wanted us to sign another 12 month lease, but we weren’t sure we wanted to do that. After living there for a year, we decided to weigh our options. 1) Blaine is moving out. Do we really need 2500 sq feet for 4 people? (One person moving out made that house feel bigger.) 2) Surely we can find something less expensive. As we talked, we even discussed moving into an apartment. Hmmm. I have never lived in an apartment, but this option just seemed “right” for us at this time in our lives. We spent a day with our realtor looking at rental homes but found ourselves repeating the same situations as last summer. So, we told our realtor that we were interested in looking at an apartment, specifically the Sendero Ridge apartments. After looking at these apartments and discussing our options, we decided this was the way to go.



HERO #1 and HERO #2! These two guys moved ALL of our stuff by themselves! My sidekick and I moved everything we could and helped whenever we could, but these two guys worked their butts off!


Goodbye, Martesia!


Hello, Sendero Ridge apartment! (The window on the bottom right is the master bedroom window.)



July 26 we moved into our 3 bedroom apartment. Here are some of my observations from this last week:

1) Apartment living is much quieter than I had imagined it would be. We rarely hear our neighbors. In fact, we rarely SEE our neighbors!

2) Walking the dogs has insured that I am getting my daily exercise.

3) Walking the dogs has caused us to take note of who does “what” on our walks. Yeah. Nice!

4) We have invested in “doggie bags” to dispose of the “what” that happens on our walks.

5) Our rent is cheaper than the house. Yay!

6) We anticipate saving money on utilities (our new sq footage is only 1245) as well as gas since we can get to work in less than 5 minutes. Yay!

7) The apartment complex has two pools and a weight room. Our teenagers are excited about these options.

8) Downsizing from 2500 to 1245 sq feet has opened our eyes to all of the “stuff” we have accumulated that we don’t “need.” Having a garage sale the week before we moved was AWESOME! However, as we finished up the packing, then while we were unpacking, we continued to find things that we should’ve sold in the garage sale!

9) Our outside cat has had to become in inside cat. So far, he has accepted it okay. He does lay by the door and sometimes meow for us to open the door, but we make him go away from the door and he stops meowing. He usually goes off and pouts somewhere.

10) All of our blinds are raised enough for the cat to sit in the windowsill and watch the birds. Oh how he longs to be outside.

11) Certain loud men voices in our home have had to make sure they bring it down a notch or two.

12) We are SO THANKFUL to no longer live in a two story house! Those stairs got old fast!

13) We are SO THANKFUL that our apartment is on the bottom floor!

14) Our apartment feels very cozy! We LOVE it!

15) My husband is AWESOME! He is constantly unpacking a box and helping to find places to put our stuff. He’s also been hanging curtains and pictures.

Pics will come later after we finish clearing out all of the boxes! It’s amazing how much stuff we still have after all that we have gotten rid of (sold, donated, trashed)! It’s kind of embarrassing! Anyway, we hope everyone will still come visit and stay with us! We ALWAYS have room for guests! We did NOT get rid of our box of NERTZ cards! 🙂


Shopping for Four?

Tonight I went to HEB. I bought 5 nectarines and 5 apples. When I got home I remembered that there are only four of us. Sigh……

After I ate my nectarine, I drowned my sadness with Cheetos! 🙂

Four seems so much smaller than five!

Trying to adjust to life without my firstborn,

Fun in the Sun at LETRA

Today, Jenn, Larry, Christy and I took all the kids out to LETRA for a day of Fun in the Sun. Todd and I used to take our kids out there every summer to camp out or just spend the day. It has been over 8 years since we have been there. It was a relaxing time.









 Cousin Leighton Roach

Emilee building a sand castle with our fancy beach tools. 🙂


Briley swimming out to bouy.


Cousin Logan Roach building a sand castle.


Mt Scott


Water slide time…


Briley (thanks for the picture, Christy)






Kelsey and Kenzie








We have taken a few pictures next to this rock. {Missing Blaine today – he was working and did not get to join us.)

08.12.2004 LETRA kids on the rock

2004 – Briley, Blaine, Kenzie

07.26.2002 LETRA

2002 – Kenzie, Blaine, Briley

They’ve grown just a little….

It was a very enjoyable day. It’s nice to take the kids back to places that we frequented when they were younger. We have some awesome memories at LETRA!




Kenzie’s Voice Recital May 2013

Kenzie has been taking voice lessons this school year from Jennifer Casto Acevedo at Community Bible Church. You can read about her here. (Jennifer used to attend church with Bill and Gloria Gaither, which I think is super cool.) Jennifer has been very good for Kenzie this year.

Kenzie chose to sing Alive (Mary Magdalene) by Natalie Grant and The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe. Want to hear her sing? Click here. I am so very proud of my baby girl.


I could listen to her sing all day! She sounds like an angel! Keep singing, Baby Girl!

Shelly hearts

Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him! Psalm 147:1

Kenzie is 15

I know you are tired of me saying this. I’m tired of saying it. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!?! How has it been 15 years since this baby girl entered the world?! Time has just flown by! Kenzie was born 2 days before Briley turned 17 months old and Blaine was 3 years and 4 months old. I was blessed with three babies within 3 1/2 years. Finding out that I was pregnant with Kenzie was a big surprise. Although I was surprised, I was excited that God was in control of planning our family. The Landers’ family tends to be boy-dominant, but after blessing me with two sweet boys, God gave me a baby girl. What a joy she has been to our family! She’s quiet. She’s sweet. She’s thoughtful of others. Kenzie loves to read and she loves to sing.

Kenzie is finishing up her freshman year of high school. This is our first year at San Antonio Christian School and she has adjusted very well. Now, she is wanting to get her drivers permit.

Since Kenzie’s birthday was on a Tuesday this year, she asked to go out for lunch on Sunday instead of going on her actual birthday (expecting to have homework on Tuesday). She chose Olive Garden (one of her favorite places).


Friday, May 3 was her party with friends. She decided to take 3 friends, Mikayla, Josey, and Jessica out to eat at Texas Roadhouse (another one of Kenzie’s favorite places). The four girls sat at one table and Todd and I sat at another. After dinner, we all went back to our house for cake and ice cream.


(Hunger Games is Kenzie’s favorite book series.)



Here’s my attempt at making a cake that is suppose to look like an open book. I haven’t decorated a cake in many years. I think I’ve lost my touch…..




Josey, Kenzie, Jessica, Mikayla

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY GIRL! Mommy and Daddy love you and we are very proud of you!!!!

Shelly hearts



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