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Maggie Moo: February 8, 2007 – May 12, 2018

Today we said goodbye to our sweet Maggie Moo. We were so blessed to have Maggie’s mom (black lab) and dad (yellow lab) as our pets when they gave us a litter of 6 pups (one chocolate, Maggie, and the rest yellow). Three pups were born on February 8, 2007 and 3 pups were born on February 9, 2007. Maggie was the first born. We lived in Bryan, TX.


1b 2007She was always a little princess and expect to be treated like royalty, which we did.

1c 2007

Maggie’s first bath. This is probably one of my most favorite pictures of our Maggie Moo.


Maggie loved playing in the water and going swimming.

2008 – Hunter (dad), Maggie, Haley (mom) Shortly after this picture was taken, Haley went to live with our friends, the Head’s, where she was promoted to QUEEN.


6 20102010 – We moved to Temple, TX. This is where a certain orange cat (Hashbrown) moved in with us. You can see the excitement on Hunter and Maggie’s faces. LOL

7 20112011 – She was such a happy girl!

2012 – We moved to San Antonio, TX.

10 20132013 – At the end of this year, we had to have her dad put down. This picture proves how quickly she rose to being QUEEN in our home.

11 20142014 – How can you say ‘no’ to that face? ❤

12 2015
2015 – A new family member arrives on the scene. Maggie always seemed to have a look of disgust for ‘little dogs’ but she tolerated them.

13 2015 2015 continued it’s adventures as we moved to Maryland. Maggie loved living in Maryland. We always had deer in the backyard that she needed to chase away.

15 20162016 – We survived the Blizzard of 2016 in Maryland.
16 2016
2016 – Maggie LOVED playing in the snow!

18 2017 birthday2017 – Maggie on her 10th birthday.

19 2017  2017 – We moved to Lake Jackson, TX where Maggie got to experience the beach. She LOVED the water, the birds and hanging out with her people.

20 2017

21 2018
2018 – Maggie loved her bed, as long as one of the little animals weren’t on it. She was happy on her bed as long as she could see her people.

One fun memory I have of Maggie is when she was sleeping. She was always running and barking at something. Her legs would twitch and she would wake herself up barking. It was so funny!

22 2018
This picture was taken Saturday, May 12, 2018 before her appointment at the vet. Even in her misery, she was a beautiful, kind and faithful dog.

Maggie was always good with the kids. She loved having us all together. She didn’t mind all the moves. She was just happy to go on trips and be with her people. She loved to GO! After Hunter died, Maggie really attached herself to me (Shelly). She would follow me around the house like little dogs do. It was sweet. I love how faithful she was.

Maggie was very sweet and calm like her dad, but stubborn like her mom. She loved everybody, but she did expect you to pet her. When the boys would move out then come home for a visit, she was always excited to see them. We could go months without seeing my parents and Miss Kelly, but when we would see them again, Maggie remembered them and was happy to see them.

Today, we all have a huge hole in our hearts. We will are gonna miss that sweet girl so much. I love you, Maggie Moo. Forever and always.


To read more about Hunter and see more pictures of Maggie Moo, click here.





One Word

I’ve been thinking and praying about what my ‘One Word’ would be for 2016. As I read this book today, God revealed my word to me. I’ve never focused on one word for a year before, but it’s my goal to do it this year. 

For 2016, my word is HEALTHY. I want to purpose to be more Healthy in all aspects of my life: spiritually, physically, mentally, relationally, emotionally, and financially. i look forward to all God has for me this year as I focus to be more Healthy! 


First Visit to the Endocrinoligst Office

Today Kenzie had an appointment with her endocrinologist, Dr. Danney. This was our first time actually going to his office. We’ve had appointments before, but Kenzie usually ended up back in the hospital before we could make it in, so we had to cancel. I’ve been calling in her sugars to Dr. Danney twice a week since October and this week he decided we could probably go ahead and make an appointment.

Today, her A1C was 8.9 (in hospital it was 11). He is fine with this number considering that she has been on steroids for quite a while. In two weeks he expects her A1C to be below 7. Normal is 5 – 5.5. This number tells how sticky your blood is. The higher your sugar, the stickier your blood. So, keeping her sugar under control will get this number down.

Dr. Danney did make a comment that he’s still not 100% sure that she has diabetes. Could something else have set her sugars off? Time will tell. It’s amazing to see a man who has spent the last 30 years dealing with pediatric diabetes be a little confused with Kenzie.

It felt so weird seeing Dr. Danney in his office today. We have only seen him in the hospital. I had become comfortable with that. I was comfortable talking to him on the phone twice a week for four months. But, somehow, seeing him in his office made everything seem more “real.” More permanent. Diabetes isn’t like her throat infection. Get treated in the hospital and, when you go home, you get better. You recover. The infection is gone! No. Diabetes is here with us forever. It doesn’t go away. This office visit just brought more realization that Kenzie will be pricking her finger and giving herself insulin for the rest of her life. She never ever gets a break from it. No days off. It’s always there. I fought back tears during the entire appt. I really just wanted to grab Kenzie and run far, far away from that place. Wishing and praying this was all a bad dream. Oh, how I wanted to just have a good cry. Praise the Lord Kenzie has had such a wonderful attitude about the diagnosis. She has been so ‘matter of fact’ about this from the beginning. She just goes with the flow. God is truly blessing her and working in her life. Kenzie has had a few nurses in the hospital that were diabetics. They made a huge impact on her life and attitude. Now, she is considering becoming a Pediatric Diabetes Educator. Only God knows how many lives she will touch through her testimony. I think she would be an AMAZING educator.

Praise: Thank you, Lord, for all that you are doing in our lives. You have been amazing! We have been blessed beyond what we could ever imagine!

My continued prayer: GOD, PLEASE HEAL HER PANCREAS!!!!

Shelly hearts

Roast Recipe

I am posting this so that I will remember what I did. 🙂

So, this weekend I made a roast. I didn’t think much about it. No planning. Just, ‘I think I’ll cook that roast that’s in the freezer.’ So, I got the frozen roast out, placed it in the crockpot and grabbed a package of this seasoning:

roast seasoning

I mixed the seasoning with 2 cups of water and poured it over the roast (no veggies, just the roast). I cooked the roast on low for about 2 hours, then I turned it on high for about 3-4 hours. My family said this was the BEST roast I have ever made! It must be the seasoning. This was the first time I have ever used this brand of seasoning but it sounds like I will be using it more often. When the family loves something, you do it again! The roast was pretty tender, too.

… I need to remember where I bought this brand of seasoning….. (HEB? Target? Walmart?)

Shelly red

Texas Christmas with Grandma and PaPa

Since we stayed home for Christmas this year, Grandma and Papa came to us. New Year’s Eve was our ‘Christmas.’

Kenzie is all set for the One Direction concert, now that she has the t-shirt.


It was a One Direction kind of Christmas for this girl!


Until the concert (in September), she has this DVD to hold her over.


Briley has two favorite teams. He’s a bit of a rebel cheering for OSU in an OU family, but at least it’s a team from our home state.


And, he as always enjoyed cheering for Notre Dame. Thanks to PaPa and Uncle Tommy for searching all over Lawton to find these shirts for him!


Todd had these pretty hand towels made for my mom.


And, I made their yearly calendar. This has lots of birth and anniversary dates from the Taylor’s and Roach’s. Our family is growing so much that it’s difficult to keep up with all the cousins kids, then their kids having kids.


STOCKINGS: Briley LOVED the crabby patty candy cane!


Briley and Kenzie checking out her loot.


Nail polish and chap stick. Can a girl ever have enough?


Kenzie and Grandma


PaPa, Briley, Grandma, Kenzie


The whole bunch of us!



We are so glad you were able to come down for a few days. We had a nice, relaxing visit.

(We missed you, Blaine!)


Hunter: March 11, 2002 – December 28, 2013

Today we said goodbye to one of our best friends. Our sweet boy, Hunter began declining rapidly over the last couple of days so we knew it was time to end his suffering.

We decided we wanted the kids to grow up with a lab, so on May 10,2002, we drove to Cache, OK to choose a yellow lab from a litter of pups. This little guy was so sweet and calm. He came to us right away and we knew he was our dog.

He was always very good with the kids. They were 4, 5 1/2, and 7 1/2 years old when we got him and he never tried to bite them or be aggressive toward them. The kids could do anything they wanted to him and he would just lay there. Kenzie’s favorite thing was to carry him around. She carried him until she could barely lift him anymore. She could just lift the top part of his body and his back legs would drag on the ground. He never cared.

His personality was so laid back and passive. He was happy just being with his family. As he got older, he didn’t seem at peace unless we were all at home. If someone was missing, it was like he had to wait up and watch for that person to come home. He enjoyed having a routine and having all of his humans together. We moved four times with him and, after a few days, he seemed to go with the flow. Once he felt like we were all there with him and all of our stuff was there, he settled in.

Hunter 5.10.2002

Hunter 5.10.2002a

True to his natural breed, Hunter LOVED the water. He would get in the water any chance he could.

Hunter puppy 5.13.2002

He quickly outgrew the sand box, so we began the yearly investment of a kiddie pool every summer. He absolutely loved his pool. He also enjoyed swimming in lakes and creeks, whenever he had the opportunity.


True to his name, Hunter was a hunter! When we lived in Lawton, OK, he was constantly catching rabbits. He was very proud of his catches and DO NOT try to take it away! For the longest time, whenever I would put his bowl of food out, he would dump his bowl over. It was very frustrating to me, as the food was often wasted. I could not understand why he would do this. Finally, one day I watched him from inside the house. He dumped his bowl over, then laid down on the patio and stayed very still. In a few minutes, the birds would come to the patio to eat the dog food. Let’s just say, that was a bad decision on the bird’s part but pretty wise on Hunter’s part. I had greater respect for him after that, although the dumping of the bowl still irritated me a bit.




In 2006, we rocked Hunter’s world by moving to Bryan, TX. He was a nervous wreck during the entire drive (that took us 8 hours). He sat up in the backseat until we were about 30 minutes from Bryan. He just had to be up and see where we were going. Of course, it probably didn’t help that Haley was laying down, taking up most of the backseat. 🙂

Shortly after moving into our new house in Bryan, the air conditioner went out. It was cooler outside so we converted our patio into a living room. The dogs were happy to join us.

Aug06 020

Oh, how he loved to dig…

Haley and Hunter

Hunter felt secure knowing where “his” spot was in the house. He didn’t care if it was the laundry room or the kennel, he was happy having a place. Silly boy liked to sleep on his back….


Soon after moving to Bryan, Hunter and Haley became the proud parents of three girls and three boys. Here is their family picture:


Hunter never once tried to hurt the pups. He did, however, give us looks like, “Really! What am I suppose to do with all of these guys?!” We only kept one, the chocolate girl, Maggie Moo. She loved to lick Hunter’s mouth. Hunter’s facial expression said he hated it, but he let her do it.

Misc2008 006

Since Haley (black lab, momma) seemed to enjoy getting out of our fence, and encouraging the other two to come with her, we decided that she needed to live with a new family. God’s timing was perfect as there was a family at our school who wanted a black, female lab. PERFECT! Haley now rules, I mean lives at the Head’s home. 🙂 So now, we just had Hunter and his daughter, Maggie.

Jan2009 179

In 2010, we moved to Temple, TX. Here is Hunter running and enjoying his new backyard.


Soon after moving to Temple, we were adopted by a cat we named Hashbrown. Hunter was not fond of cats. He didn’t hurt them. He was afraid of them. When he was about a year old, we adopted a cat, Tater Tot (yes, we have ‘issues’ with cat names). I was holding Tater while introducing her to Hunter. She reached out a paw and slapped him on the nose. Hunter yelped and cried like a little baby. I was amazed because he could’ve eaten her in one bite! From that day forward, he would rarely look a cat in the eyes. He would turn his face away and watch them carefully out of the corner of his eye. Even after we had Tater declawed, he was still afraid of her. Well, now we find ourselves with another cat. This cat is very laid back (opposite of Tater) but Hunter still never wanted anything to do with him. Hashbrown wanted to be accepted among the dogs, but Hunter always seemed offended that Hashbrown wanted to join them.

LittleMexico 125



Hunter always had sad eyes.



In 2012, we moved to San Antonio, TX. “That cat” still tried to be accepted by Hunter. Hunter tolerated this for short periods of time, then he would move and lay on the tile.


Living the life! (excuse the water damaged wall)



We always made room in the van for the dogs. They loved traveling to Oklahoma with us. One of my favorite memories was when we were leaving my parents house, the dogs ran to get in the van. Just as he got to the van, Hunter turned and ran back to my dad (as if to say, “Goodbye”). My dad petted him and told him, “Goodbye,” then Hunter ran and jumped into the van. Hunter loved my dad.


Shortly after moving into our apartment, we took a trip to Dallas to celebrate Todd’s mom’s birthday at brother Stacy’s house (September 2013). Boy did Hunter and Maggie have a great time! They ran and played and swam in the pond. I think there were about 12 dogs there and everyone got along perfectly. The horses even tolerated have two more dogs circle their legs. Little did we know this would be Hunter’s last road trip.


Look at those smiles! They had such a great time!



Sadly, Hunter hasn’t smiled for a while. He hasn’t felt well. We’ve tried to make him as comfortable as possible, but today it was obvious that he had had enough.



Hunter hasn’t eaten for about 3 days. He was drinking until today. He had gotten pretty skinny but then developed a swollen belly. He couldn’t use the bathroom anymore. He tried to throw up and couldn’t. He spent all of Friday in bed, barely moving. We noticed that his heart was racing. Saturday morning we evaluated him again and decided that he was not going to get better. We found a vet office that was open and took him there. The doctor was a SACS dad, so that made us feel better. Every one in the clinic was very kind and compassionate toward our decision. Hunter was able to walk to the car, although Todd had to lift him into the car. While we waited in the clinic, Hunter never sat or laid down. It took so much effort for him to get up that he just stood so that he would be ready to walk to the next place. I’m so thankful for the kind doctor who took care of Hunter for us. I’m thankful for the medicine that makes the process fast and painless.

Hunter was such a good dog. He was faithful, loyal and sweet. He loved his family! We definitely have a big whole in our hearts today. Here is what he left behind….

Hashbrown, who has no idea what has happened today.

12282013 hashbrown1

and a very confused, sad and lonely daughter, Maggie…

12282013 maggie4

Shelly red

Our Apartment

Here are the long awaited pictures of our apartment:






When you walk in the front door, you see the living room straight in front of you.


The closed door to the right is Kenzie’s bedroom. To the left, you can see the hallway (The kids bathroom light is on.)


To your left, you see the dining and kitchen.


This is the view of the hall. The closed door straight ahead is Briley’s bedroom.


Here is the kid’s bathroom.


The closed door leads to Kenzie’s bedroom.


This is from the hallway looking back to the living/dining area. The door under “Amazing Grace” is a coat closet. To the right is the actual front door. Looking straight ahead (to the left of the “HOME,” is the door to the master bedroom.


Here’s the master bedroom.



Master bath.





Our view. I know it’s just trees, but it could’ve been the parking lot. So, we are thankful for the trees. 🙂



We are loving our new place. It’s so close to school/work and it feels very cozy! Downsizing has been great for us. I’ll have to take pics of the pool next time we go swim. 🙂

Come see us when you can!


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